DIY HighViz Shoot and See Targets Save Money!

DIY HighViz shoot and see targets save money!

HighViz shoot and see targets cost Dollar$ and even at $0.40 per target, the cost quickly adds up. Let’s face it, you’re most likely paying much more. I personally believe that DIY projects like this should be Easy, Quick and Inexpensive. All these terms are relative to your perceptions of measurement. Also remember, you can always buy these targets ready-made and ready to shoot at the Casings Plus website. Although I’m more than happy to sell them to you, I also like easy, quick and inexpensive DIY projects.

This project starts with Con-tact style adhesive shelf liner. Choose orange, green, red, yellow or any bright color you like. Check the clearance sections of your local discount stores such as a dollar store, Wal-Mart, Kmart and the like. Clearance rolls of loud/bright color adhesive shelf liner are heavily discounted and can be had for a great bargain. Even at regular cost, some smart shopping can find these at acceptable cost. Adhesive shelf liner comes in many sizes, so pick one that fits your preferred target size or can be cut in two to double the bounty.

In our example, we are using 18” x 10” shelf liner. 18” x 10’ = 120 inches long, divided by 8 (as in the width of a sheet of paper) = 15, x 2 (18” cut in half for a 9”x 8” target) = 30 targets. If you want larger, do the math. For a 9”x10”, you get 24 targets. If you pay $5 for the roll of 18”x 24’, the cost is 16.7 cents per for 30 targets and .21 cents per 24 targets. If you bought the roll on clearance you cost is roughly 50% of that figure. OK, I know, some of you are saying, “this is not a shoot and see target”. Stay with me here, we’re going to get there. From here on out the added cost is veerrrry low.

You’re going to need some kind of stiff backing. Anything cheap, flat and stiff will do for our purposes. I like cardboard from the boxes I bring home from Aldi’s or Sam’s Club but you get the idea. Free and repurposed is the best backing material. I like to cut it a little larger than the target for easy construction. Now Cut your bright-colored contact paper to your preferred size and stick it to the backing material. When done with this step you’re ready to spray paint.

Buy the cheapest dark color spray paint you can find. I like the cheapest flat black that can be found. Spray paint over each of your bright contact paper targets and let dry. This might cost you $2 for the can and you should get more than three sets of targets from it, or around 100 targets. So now you added .02 cents to the cost of each target. For the shooting grid or point of aim, there are several options. Use bright-colored painter’s tape, or stick-on dots, or make a stencil and paint another color over the first coat. If you’re really frugal, cut squares or dots from paper or paper plates and staple them to the target. We are now into this project at a cost of .23 to .25 cents per target for the 9” x 10” and production time is around 30 minutes.

Now go shooting and enjoy the fruit of your DIY shoot and see HighViz target. Of course you can always buy these targets ready-made and ready to shoot at the Casings Plus website. Oh, by-the-way, those wire yard sign stands used for real estate or political adverts work great as target stands. Just slide the wire into the cardboard and you’re set.

Written by Jack Houston

date 05/20/2015